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Contribution guidelines

We are glad that you decided to contribute to the library and we thank you for your efforts. Below we briefly lay out the main guidelines for conforming your code to the coding style we have adopted for the project.

How to contribute

We adopt the GitHub workflow, so you can procede as follows:

  1. Fork the repo
  2. Clone your fork
  3. Create a branch for the feature you want to implement
    • git checkout -b my-feature
    • keep the branch small!
  4. Once you’re finished, open a pull request to the original repository

How to submit an issue

Did you spot a bug? Did you come up with a cool idea that you think should be implemented in the libraries? Well, GitHub issues are the best way to let us know! We don't have a strict policy on issue generation: just use a meaningful title and specify the problem or your proposal in the first problem comment. Then, you can use GitHub labels to let us know what kind of proposal you are making, for example bug if you are reporting a new bug or enhancement if you are proposing a library improvement. Please remeber to specifiy the module to which the issue is related (e.g Speedster, Promptify, etc). If it's one of your first contributions, check the tag good first issue 🏁 and start coding.

Happy coding πŸ’«