Nebuly allows you to get a full picture of what your users are actually doing with your LLM product. This facilitates you to gain instant clarity in the following use cases:

Tasks, questions and actions

The best way to easily understand what your users are doing with your LLMs is using the User Flow chart. This chart identifies the most frequent tasks/questions done by your users. You can use User Flows to understand how your users sequentially ask questions to your LLM-product and analyze drop-offs or unsuccessful behavior. Alt Text

Most discussed topics

Topics reveal the subjects users frequently discuss in your LLM product. By identifying these popular topics, you can enhance your LLM product by enriching content in areas most discussed by users. For clear visualization, use the Analytics chart, filtering users or interactions by topics. Alt Text

Most used RAG data sources

Data sources show the most accessed RAG sources by your users. To view this clearly, utilize the Analytics chart and filter by data source for users or interactions. To track trends over time, utilize the line chart or vertical bar chart. Alt Text