From the Python SDK it is possible to send server side the explicit user actions and feedback to the Nebuly platform. An example of these actions might be thumbs_up, thumbs_down, copy_input, copy_output.

Send feedback actions to Nebuly

To get send the feedback actions to the nebuly platform, you need to create an instance of the TrackingSDK client. You need to pass your Nebuly API key as a parameter.

You can also provide the Nebuly API key in an environment variable NEBULY_API_KEY and it will be automatically detected.

from nebuly.tracking import TrackingSDK

client = TrackingSDK("your_nebuly_api_key")

    text="The user comment (optional)",
    input="interaction input",
    output="interaction output",

In the case your code is async, you can benefit from the AsyncABTesting client.

Available actions are:

  • thumbs_up
  • thumbs_down
  • copy_input
  • copy_output
  • paste